Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Particular to Cameroon

The Existence of Corruption (in Cameroon)

- The mayor of my town only has a primary education. His rich brother paid 300,000CFA ($600) to certain to vote for the current mayor.

- Gendarmes collect 500CFA ($1) by cars, trucks or motos who pass them en brousse (the road). A gendarme bought my old post-mate’s laptop with money received as bribes.

- Nurses at hospital charge more for a consultation to poor pregnant women than the standard price.

- Our school has three old desktops- two at the school collecting dust (no electricity at my institution), the third at principal’s house for personal use…

- A woman pockets money from sales and whatever is leftover, she gives to farmers. (The farmers don’t get the actual profits.)

- Belel had no electricity for almost a year because the mayor used the money for petrol for town generator to buy himself a second car (plausible and I wouldn’t put it past him)

That’s only to name a few contexts, and what I’ve seen. Cheers!

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  1. Nice piece. Seems you are having a swell time in Cameroon...
    ...try the Nigerian side of the same region!